Saturday, October 07, 2006

High Holidays Video: 2006

Watch If Not Now, When?, a short film in which Jews speak out against the illusion of Jewish consensus on Israel.


Blacksmith Jade said...

Thank you for putting this up.

Jewish Freinds of Palestine said...

Great website! We're in the process of updating our database and are adding your site. Keep up the good work.

Jewish Friends of Palestine

freespeechlover said...

This is a very interesting video; fascinating to hear the reflections and analyses presented.

Anonymous said...

Your website nourishes my hope for our world, a hope that so often seems to be on the verge of dying. Your video brings tears to my eyes. So THANK YOU! I wish you all the best in your efforts for making the world a beter place!

Ryan said...

As much as I hate any sign of weakness or feelings, especially of fear, I must admit this brought tears to my eyes. Not only this video, but the entire work of 'Jewish Conscience'.

My name is Ryan, and I'm hmm..well I'm ..I'm ..I think I'm , well I'm originally from Palestine, pre 1948, when the Irgun Stern gang expelled and destroyed my familys village just a kilometre outside of Acre, all that remain of the village today is a cemetary. All other signs of historical life there, has been eradicated. Anyhow, I was born in Brantfort Canada, but only lived there for a week, before moving to Dubai in the UAE with my family, and at the age of 2, we moved once again, this time to Sweden, where I've lived all my life, that's why I had a hard time explaining where I'm from..The fact of diaspora is a new thing for us, I would say. Anyhow, I'm not really sure what I want to write, I think I'm writing just to show you guys that people out there, me included are truly appreciating your work and raising awareness of another aspect of Judaism and Jews in USA.

I must honestly admit I've always, in a way resented Jewish American support for the illegal occupation, especially with political lobbies such as AIPAC for example, funding politicians that speak out very pro-israeli.

Anyways, I run a blog aswell, where I often write about political world affairs, sometimes in a satirical way, I also cover alot of the issues in the middle east, unfortunatly I mostly write in Swedish, since this is my mothertongue yet I will certainly write about this blog on my own, and if I may, I will also link this blog on my own blog!

Once again, I'm very amazed and surprised actually..I guess what I really want to say, is simply - thank you.

A voice from Sweden, Europe.