Tuesday, August 22, 2006

NYC Die-In VIDEO: 8-22-06

Click Here to Watch the Die-In Directly on YouTube


Anonymous said...

You are traitors to the Jewish people.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if we could get large amounts of people going to rural areas and doing these kinds of things.

Anonymous said...

Your actions, as individuals and as a group are well intentioned but completely misguided.

It is really sad that you would not support your people in their time of need.

Brooklyn Orthodox Jew said...

Jews for Jesus who MOSTLY are non JEws also claim to be Jews, so anyone can claim tobe a Jew.

Infact you do not see Torah Observant Jews against Israel even more so Orthdox Jews are Pro israel(Besides Mr. David Wiess of Neturie Karta who are waiting for the Messiah).

Ann said...

You are wonderful, inspiring Jews and human beings. The SF video was very moving. Thank you for your great work and conscience. You are a credit to yourselves, your faith and your families and an inspiration to us all.

Michael Faris said...

Thank you for sharing this moving video in such a tumultuous time. It is very inspiring.

Andy Alexis-Baker said...

We know some of the people from NYC involved in this action. They are fine people, who live what they speak. Thank you for continuing to speak and act.

Those of us from Jesus Radicals definitely support you!

Sharm said...

Alsalamo Alikom ..
In arabic It means ( Peace to you )

I am Arabian Muslim ..
I wanna say thank you ..
thank you soo much ..
cause you cliam for Right

I wanna say something we ( muslims ) don`t hate jewish ..

we hate the people who hate us and kill us day after day ..

Isreal .. kills and speaks in the name of being country of jewish ..

that`s why arab and muslims hate isreal .. so poeple say ( arab and muslims hate jewish )

you .. jewish in every place in the world .. you must protetst and say no for what isreal doing .. if israel wants to be real jewish it must has some merci ..

We all for freedom .. love .. Peace

Sarah said...

Thank you for being brave enough to challenge those who would use your faith in malignant ways.

Anonymous said...

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